Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 1, Sunday September 21st 2008

Oracle Application Express SIG: Ask the Experts (IOUG)

This session was interesting because of the group of people who made up the panel of experts. Dimitri Gielis had prepared a special question for all 5 experts each related in their fields of expertise. Dimitri, next year you should ask yourself a question also(something on graphics maybe) :)
Anton Nielsen known for his expertise in application security was asked : What is your top security issue with Application Express ?
John Scott (author of the great book Pro application express) was asked : What is the top myth about Apex ?
Denes Kubicek (Apex developper of the year 2008) was asked : What is your top improvement ?
Scott Spendolini (Ex-product manager for Apex) was asked : What is your top web2.0 feature ?
And last but not least David Peake (Apex product manager) : Where are we with new releases 3.2 and 4.0 of Apex ?

To get answers to these questions, you must go to the sessions people :) I can tell you this though, David should run in the elections with his political answers.

Using Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Application Express to Change Business Practices and Realize ROI

This session was more about Apex than it was about 11g. They had a tight schedule with limited resources. They got the job done because they used Apex.
Projects like this one are very efficient in terms of development costs. Quick win for the client.

Globalization with Oracle Application Express

This session presented multiple aspects of globalization. People tend to think that globalization stops at translation. Well, there is more to it than simply translating labels and headers into other languages. Date formats, Time zones, currencies, NLS formats to name a few. All great features easily implemented within Apex.

Joel Kallman interacted with the audience asking people questions like (What is the first day of the week ?, What date is 04/04/2008 for you ?, What type of currency do you use in your country ?) Answers were obviously different from one person to another.

Not to downplay translation which is a great feature (especially for us in Montreal were most of our applications are in French and English) but globalization is much more than just translation and Joel did a great job in demonstrating that during his session.

Oracle Application Express Hints, Tips, and Best Practices

This session is great for all levels of developers.
Installation tips, developer best practices, I learned a few tips myself. :)
Application express is a rapid application development tool, and this makes it easy to do things quickly. That being said, people tend to do things quickly and mechanically without questioning methods and better ways to do things.

Revisiting applications to make adjustments is a good start for less experienced developers.


Welcome party
Well that's what the first day looked like. In the evening we went to the welcome party.
We had nice food and good wine. It was a great way to finish the day.

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