Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 3, Tuesday September 23rd 2008

Here is the list of sessions I attended on this day and the session abstract to give the reader an idea of the contents of each session.

How to Hack an Oracle Application Express Application
(Anton Nielsen, C2 Consulting, Inc.; Neelesh Shah, C2 Consulting, Inc.)
Session Abstract:
If you write HTML applications in any technology and care about your data, this session is for you. All HTML applications share attributes that expose them to hacking. Oracle Application Express has many features that let developers lock their applications--or expose them to hacking. This session shows techniques for hacking HTML applications, how to close these holes in Oracle Application Express, where it may expose them via its wizards, and how to protect against any demonstrated hack. The session can benefit novice to highly advanced Oracle Application Express developers, plus HTML application developers.
This session is a must for all Apex developers.

Tom Kyte, The Best Way...

Session Abstract:
Today there are many ways to do the same thing: sometimes it seems like there is an infinite number of ways to accomplish something via software. This session takes a look at best practices, rules of thumb, and frameworks and discusses their promise and their shortcomings. You'll see how what we have done in the past and how we did it form the basis for how we do things going forward--which is both good and bad.

Security: Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Oracle Application Express
(Raj Mattamal, Niantic Systems, LLC; Josh Millinger, Niantic Systems, LLC)
Session abstract:
Creating custom authentication schemes in Oracle Application Express can be one of the most complicated tasks in Oracle Application Express application development. By using a customer implementation as the basis of a case study, this session explores many of the considerations of assembling a custom authentication scheme, including using some of the Oracle Application Express custom authentication APIs Oracle provides. In addition to including discussion, the session demonstrates the functionality it describes.
This was the most enthusiastic session I've seen at Open World !!

The Power of the Oracle Application Express Repository
(Patrick Wolf, Sphinx IT Consulting)
Session abstract:
An advantage of Oracle Application Express is that it stores the application's metadata in a repository in the database. There is a well-documented read-only view layer for accessing this information. Examples in this session demonstrate the wide range of possibilities you get by reusing this information for QA checks, documentation, monitoring, and generic code you can write for your application. The second part of the session covers how you can safely directly manipulate the repository to do mass updates on your application's metadata.
Good preparation makes for great presentations !! nicely done. Loved it.

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