Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 4, Wednesday September 24th 2008

Here is the list of sessions I attended on this day and the session abstract to give the reader an idea of the contents of each session.

Soup-to-Nuts RAD Development Using Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Application Express (Michael Hichwa, Oracle; David Peake, Oracle ; Kris Rice, Oracle)
Session Abstract:
Oracle Database development tools are continually being enhanced to help improve developer productivity, consistency, and capabilities. In this session, learn how you can utilize two of the hottest tools--Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Application Express--to build a Web application. See how rapidly you can create tables and data and then create a rich Web 2.0 application on this data model. The session not only introduces you to Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Application Express but also showcases many of the latest features.
In this session I learned about the new data modeler in SQL Developer. This will be a great addition to the tool.

Oracle Application Express and Oracle XML Database: A Match Made in the Database (Mark Drake, Oracle)
Session Abstract:
This session shows how Oracle XML Database and Oracle Application Express can be used to create simple applications that leverage the best of both products. It focuses on a real-world example that shows how Oracle Application Express and Oracle XML DB can be used to build a lightweight content management application that leverages the content management capabilities of the Oracle XML DB platform and the Ajax capabilities of Oracle Application Express.

Larry's Keynote

Wow so many people .... still remains something to see.

Building Commercial Softwar
e-as-a-Service Applications with Oracle Application Express

We at Insum Solutions had the privilege to be invited for this presentation. Francis Mignault my business partner was one of the six participants of this round table. It was great to share experiences with other companies that have a similar business model. One of the other participants was Paulo Vale who I consider a new friend now. I was glad to talk with him a lot about multiple challenges our companies face.

The main thing that differentiated us with the other companies is that our solution targets the general public. We currently support over 60 000 user accounts. Our software is an association management system. Members of these associations can edit their profile, register on-line to activities, renew their membership, pay invoices, browse through job offers and much more.

It is in our back office, where the association's administration manages the membership database, that our solution was more comparable to the others on the panel.

Here is a picture of Paulo(left) and Francis(Right) before the presentation.

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