Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 5, Thursday September 25th 2008

Last day of conferences. but not the least because of the first session of the day.

Dispelling Myths About Oracle Application Express
(John Scott, Apex Evangelists)

Well, John must of been hiding behind the curtains of every meeting I've had with potential clients ready to use Apex for the past 4 years. His list of myths about Apex is right on.

My personal favorite and the one I have heard the most over the years is :
- It's only for small applications.
Or another good one is :

- It's free, it can't be any good.
One last one :
- Is it secure ?
Ok, the last one I promise:
- We used WebDB and didn't like it.

To dispel the "It's too new" myth, John prepared a timeline of Apex.
Wow, that was very cool. I wish I could see it again.
That was a very very good presentation.
Good job John !!

Building a Web 2.0 Interface with Oracle Application Express
(Mark Lancaster, Theiss Pty. Ltd.)

Session Abstract:
Oracle Application Express is rapidly gaining popularity in the Oracle development community. Customers are demanding rich, interactive, user-friendly Web applications, sometimes described as Web 2.0. This presentation provides a case study of how Web 2.0 techniques are progressively being applied to improve the user experience in an Oracle Application Express application. It covers Oracle Application Express built-in Web 2.0 features as well as how developers can extend Oracle Application Express by building their own Web 2.0 components.

This was my last session at Open World.

It was also a good presentation. We saw a few pretty nice features made possible by the use of AJAX and Javascript in Apex. We are only at the beginning of the Web 2.0 wave.